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Five worst cities for car accidents

Five safest cities

The risks of driving on US roads

It’s good to tell ourselves the roads are safer. It gives drivers and their passengers more confidence when they go on the roads. But how safe are the roads?

From this you can see the injury rate per 100 million has been steadily dropping. Given that personal transport is the most common way of moving around the country, this is reassuring. As a matter of interest, 71% of all deaths on the roads were male.


One of the reasons for the fatalities is the number of younger men prepared to drive with blood alcohol levels higher than the law allows.


Although the figures are not correlated, this chart shows the number of drivers in fatal crashes that were exceeding the speed limit. When you can put the two charts together, you can see that young men are significantly more likely to be breaking the speed limit and ignoring the drink/drive laws.

Passing by

As a final thought, this chart shows the number of people killed who were not inside a vehicle. This shows a slightly rising trend over the last three years. Perhaps this is why so few Americans like to walk or ride a bicycle unless there’s a separate track with motor vehicles excluded.